Dr. Robert L. Vaughan

Dr. Robert. L. Vaughn – Inducted 1993

Dr.  Robert  L.  Vaughan  enters  the  Belleville  Sports  Hall  of  Fame  as  a  stalwart  in  hockey,  not  only  locally  but throughout  the  Canadian  Hockey  league.  Dr.  Vaughan  was  instrumental  in  bringing an  Ontario Hockey  League  franchise  to  Belleville    in  1981.  Since  then,  he  has  provided  stability  and  strong  leadership  for  the  Belleville Bulls.  As  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Governors  of  the  Ontario  Hockey  League  for  ten  years,  “Doc”  worked  with his colleagues  on  changes  that  have  made  the  game  safer  for  the  players  and  more  attractive  to  the  fans.  

On  June  4, 1993  in  London,  Ontario,  the  “Bill  Long”  Award  was  presented  to  Dr.  Vaughan  by  the  Ontario  Hockey  League: “In  Recognition  And  Appreciation  For  Outstanding  Contributions  And  Dedication  To  The  Development  Of  Junior Hockey”.   

On  December  12,  1992  he  was  awarded  the  Commemorative  Medal  for  the  125th  Anniversary  of Canadian  Confederation  for  having  made  a  significant  contribution  to  his  community  and  his  fellow  Canadians.

Dr. Vaughan was inducted into the Belleville Sports Hall of Fame in 1993.

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