George Pepper

George Pepper – Inducted 1987

On Labour Day in 1936, George Pepper defeated the top motorcycle riders in North America in the 200-mile Canadian Motorcycle Roadrace through the streets of Belleville.

Spurred on by his success, he decided to take his talents to the pro-racing circuit in England.  He attained great success, and was a popular racer for the West Ham and Newcastle teams.

When the Second World War broke out, he enlisted with the Royal Air Force.  He achieved the highest marks possible on tests, and became a night-fighter pilot.  In November 1941, he and his partner, Sgt. J. H. Toone, shot down three German bombers, setting a record for an Allied night-fighter crew.

For his exploits, George was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.  On November 17, 1942, while making a daytime flight, he plane crashed, and he was killed.  George Pepper was 29.

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