Larry “Mav” Mavety

Larry Mavety – Inducted 1992


Larry Mavety’s name became synonymous with junior hockey in the City of Belleville in the 1980s and 1990s, extending a hockey career in the game he loves. Mav’s playing days began in the 1950s, and took the rugged defenceman across North America. His professional career comprised the American and Western Hockey leagues and the World Hockey Association. Mavety’s athletic talents extended to the baseball field where, as a catcher, he was part of an all-Ontario championship, both as a junior and senior player. He helped bring major junior hockey to the city at the tier II and Ontario League levels.

Known as a player’s coach, Mavety brings his hard-nosed style and pursuit of excellence behind the bench, expecting the same dedication and determination from his players, game in and game out. Mav’s interest in developing junior talent and his business association with the Belleville Bulls has seen him decline several offers to enter the ranks of professional coaching. He is the longest serving GM-coach of the Belleville Bulls.



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