Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson – Inducted 1987

The Year of the Disabled in 1979 provided the impetus for Belleville’s Sarah Thompson as she became one of the city’s most decorated athletes in the 1980s. Having lost her sight in 1978, she turned to athletics a year later and began competing in Games for the Physically Disabled, at first locally and eventually at the national level. Her career blossomed and she set records at virtually every meet she attended. At present, she holds every Canadian record in her Blind Masters Division in the following events: 3,000 metre, 100 metre, shot put, discus, javelin, and long jump. In 1984, she branched out from Blind Masters track and field to include powerlifting. Once again, she quickly established herself as one of the top powerlifters in Canada in handicapped competition. At present in the 81 kilogram classification, she holds every Canadian record in the event, which is based on body weight and disability for powerlifters of all ages.

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