Stanley D. Hagerman

Stanley D. Hagerman

A native of Belleville, Stan is the only surviving member still residing in the city, of Belleville Nationals team that won the Ontario Senior Baseball title in 1928. During the 1920s and early 30s, he was a standout baseball and hockey player. He won the Babe Ruth Cap Award as the leading home run hitter in the Central Ontario Baseball League in 1922, 1923, and 1924. In 1925, he played hockey for the Canadian National Railways team in the Railway-Telephone League in Montreal. During this period, he was catcher and outfielder for the Grand Trunks and Nationals baseball teams. As a hockey player, he saw action on junior and intermediate teams in Belleville, which reached the Ontario Hockey Association Semi-finals on three separate occasions. Following his retirement as President and General Manager of Stewart-Warner Corporation of Canada Ltd., he continued his avid interest in local sports.

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