Tim Williams

Tim Williams – Inducted 2008

Born in Lion’s Head, Ontario, on February 26th, 1919, Tim Williams was already enjoying an impressive string of athletic successes as a star hockey player in Owen Sound when he was recruited by Ken Soden to play for the Belleville Reliance Sr. B hockey team in 1941. As the story goes, Williams lacked a return train ticket to Owen Sound. So he stayed. And members of the sports community of Belleville among many, many others as glad he did. Considered to be one of the finest all-around athletes by his peers, Williams starred in the hockey and baseball for various teams after his two-year stint with Reliance. After a three year hitch in the Navy, where he played senior hockey, Williams returned to Belleville and joined Walk Gerow and Leo Goyer on the formidable forward line for the CNR Diesels. A star in the old Trent Valley League, Williams was player-coach on the Point Ann Cementmen in 1952 when they won an all-Ontario intermediate championship. After retiring as a player a few years later, Williams was asked to lend his considerable experience and hockey acumen to officiating which he did, wholeheartedly. For almost 20 years, Williams refereed Senior A, Junior B and intermediate hockey in Ontario.  He later coached Belleville’s Junior B hockey club and then acted as supervisor of officials in eastern Ontario. On the baseball diamond, Williams starred for Reliance teams and later for the South Hastings League. Williams’ love of sport never waned and he continued to volunteer, well after his retirement, for several years as a minor hockey coach, manager and trainer. It is without a doubt that all of those individuals who befriended Williams during his playing days or who were mentored by him during his coaching days are glad he missed that train some 67 years ago.

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