Walter Gerow

Walter Gerow – Inducted 1987

It has been said that no one knew as much about baseball as did Walter Gerow. Born in Foxboro, Ontario, Walt started playing ball at an early age, and by 1906 was playing in the city leagues in Belleville. While playing for St. Mary’s in Toronto, he was spotted by scouts who offered him a professional contract to play in Cobalt, but he turned it down and returned to Belleville. Walter played first base for the Ontario Senior Baseball Champs,¬†the Grand Trunks in 1919, and was manager of the Nationals when they again won the title in 1928. I

In 1932, Gerow¬†shocked the local baseball community when he announced he was leaving Belleville for Napanee, where he coached the Gibbard’s Ball Club and managed the ball park and arena. In 1934, he coached the Intermediate A and Intermediate B Gibbard’s teams to Ontario Championships. In the early 1940s he moved to Kirkland Lake where he led the Toburn Mine Beavers to the Nickel Belt Baseball League Championship in 1941. He returned to Belleville in 1943, and managed the Memorial Arena until his retirement in 1960.

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